Why Personalization Works

When you think of digital marketing, your first thought may not be of email. But it can be a great tool in promoting your company’s products and services. Whether it’s sending a weekly newsletter with updates on your business or a full advertisement highlighting a special deal, there are numerous ways you can use email marketing to your advantage. One element that you should consider is the personalization of your emails. From offers tailored specifically for a customer to broader targeted content, incorporating personalization is easy to do.

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Personalization Elements You Need

When you decide to create personalized emails, your first thought is to include the recipient’s first name. While this can be good, a solid email campaign goes further than that. There are three key elements that should be considered when setting up personalized letters. The first is making sure the email is relevant. With many customers having their e-mail boxes filled every day, it’s important to make sure yours stands out. This means including content that is relevant and directly impacts the recipient.

Next, your emails should be timely. This is where getting information on your customer base can be beneficial. As you gain more data on your customers and where they are in the buying process, you can send emails based on that stage. For example, if someone is searching for a specific product on your site, you can send them additional information. Finally, it should come from a person. While automation has its benefits, when it comes to personalization, your name should appear in some form, whether it’s including it in the from field or the body of the email itself.

How Can You Personalize?

Once you have a sense of what makes a solid email, you can consider items that you can send. The good news is that as a business, you have a wide selection of content that makes for an email that will excite your customers. For example, if you have a user that recently bought something from your site or spent time shopping around, a note suggesting recommendations of other products can help drive interest in additional purchases. This can also work if a user abandoned their shopping cart before making a purchase. Crafting a solid email can inspire them to come back and complete the buying process.

You can also use personalization to offer things to your most loyal customers. Companies regularly send out special offers to long-term clients that usually give them more distinct deals when compared to normal customers. A system like Shopify can be integrated to use customer data for this purpose.

Other Strategies to Consider

As you progress in creating emails, you will become familiar with the strategies that can help provide quality results. One of these strategies is segmentation. This is where you take your current email list and separate it into segments that have something in common. This can be anything from location and age to organizational roles. You can also cookies built into your site to gather browsing data and create content highlighting the products a user was looking at.

You can also use email to celebrate special occasions, whether’s it’s a customer’s birthday or an anniversary if they have shopped with you in the past. Doing this is a fantastic way to endear yourself to your customers. Dynamic content can also be used as a way to increase engagement. This gives you the opportunity to customize particular sections of an e-mail and tailor that to recipients you choose. By incorporating dynamic content, you increase the amount of information that is most relevant to your clients.

Let Us Handle Your Email Personalization

Email marketing is an integral part of a business’s marketing plan. By using personalized content, you can give your customers the information they are looking for most, and increase their loyalty to yoru brand. If you need help coming up with quality emails, our experienced and knowledgeable team can create content that will attract clients to know more. If you are looking for a firm to handle your email marketing services, contact us today to see how we can help you take the first step forward.

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