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You are likely aware of the impact Facebook can have on businesses. With nearly three billion users on the site every day, there are countless opportunities for your brand to reach a wide audience. There are many ways to use Facebook as a part of your marketing strategy, including setting up pages and groups. Another method is through Facebook Ads. These ads can appear in a number of formats and on multiple websites and apps and can be set to reach specific audiences.

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What Are Facebook Ads?

To start, it helps to have a general overview of what Facebook Ads covers. They are ads that are designed to exclusively run on Facebook’s advertising platform, including feeds or apps such as Messenger. In addition, ads can be placed in multiple formats, including images, video, carousel ads, and recently, Instant Experiences. These types of ads are full-screen experiences that display when clicked on an ad on a mobile device.

Using Facebook’s Ad Manager, you can set limits on how much you want to spend for an ad. This can be based on multiple factors, including the total amount, daily budget, and the cost per result. You can also choose specific user actions you want to be charged for.

Numerous Benefits

As with many other services, incorporating Facebook Ads offers numerous benefits for companies. One of the biggest is the detailed level of analytics the system provides. The dashboard gives you information such as weekly reach, post engagement, page likes, and best-performing ads. In addition, you can get details on clicks, conversions, and sales that have resulted from ads. Next is the customization ability that comes with Facebook Ads. The ads you create can be micro-targeted to specific audiences based on demographics, location, age range, and much more. You also can create depending on the objective you want for your posts. This means if you are looking for just views, or traffic conversions, you have the opportunity to tailor posts based on these plans.

Another key benefit from using Facebook Ads is remarketing. This involves people that noticed a product of yours on your website or main feed but didn’t follow through on purchasing. Remarketing gives you a chance to create ads targeted towards those products, increasing the likelihood that people buy them. Of course, using Facebook Ads can help you reach more than just established customers. It’s great for reaching new potential clients as well. Using “lookalike audiences”, you can choose a selected group and use Facebook to find similar people that are more likely to buy items from you.

Creating the Perfect Ad

Once you decide to start using Facebook Ads, the next step is to create content that people will want to click on. As mentioned before, one of the biggest tips you can use is to incorporate targeting. With numerous options available, you can reach any audience you want to reach. You also want to use the best quality images available. In addition to pictures being a great way to gain conversions, using high-quality images gives viewers a better sense of the products and services you have to offer. 

In addition, make sure the copy is solid. This includes a headline that will attract attention, describing the key benefits of your product, and adding a call to action. You also want to make sure the ad links to a solid landing page that has full details on the products and services the ads are targeting.

Call Precision For Your Facebook Ads

Using Facebook Ads as part of your marketing campaign offers your business many benefits. There are numerous opportunities to target users with your ad content and turn them into buyers. When it comes to creating high-quality and effective online ads, no one does it better than us. Contact us today to take care of all your Facebook marketing needs.

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