Enhance Your Marketing with Facebook

When it comes to social media, very few sites have the reach that Facebook does. The site has nearly three billion users daily, so for businesses, the opportunities are there to reach potential clients to highlight your services. Setting up a page for your business gives audiences a place to connect with your brand. Much like many other forms of digital marketing, details can make a big difference in how successful your campaign is.

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Types of Posts

After you set up a page for your business, the next step is to put up content. Facebook offers a wide selection of post types, each with its own benefits and abilities to increase engagement. The most basic of these post types is straight text, including no images, links, or videos. While these posts aren’t great for lead generation, they can be beneficial in sending important information, like business hours or product availability. Photo posts give you more engagement, and a high-quality image can be a great way to attract attention. 

Video posts have even higher engagement rates when compared to image-based posts. It can serve as a compelling format and can be made at several lengths. You can also do live streaming videos directly on your page. This format has gained in popularity in the last few years and can serve as a way to directly interact with your followers. Other popular post types include links to external content, stories, which are formats that disappear after 24 hours, and pinned posts, which you can set to be the first things a user sees when they click on your page.

Make Your Ads Compelling

Creating ads for your business on Facebook is key to promoting your business. There are four distinct ad types available: image, video, carousel, and collection. The type that works best for your business’s needs will depend on the objective you want the ads to meet. This could mean increasing awareness of your brand, lead generation, or conversions leading to sales. You also have the option to schedule posts to go up at times when you can get the highest level of engagement.

Of course, how you design your ad’s content is just as important as the format you use. There are tips you can use to ensure your ads will get the highest engagement possible. These include:

  • Using high-quality images for each ad.
  • Have your call-to-action highly visible and compelling.
  • For videos, show people using your product to show their effectiveness.
  • Include user-generated content where appropriate.
  • Optimize graphics so they can be viewed on a mobile device.

Use Groups to Your Advantage

Another way to use Facebook for your business is to create groups. A group is a type of forum that allows people with similar interests to have discussions and share content. Having a separate group from your main business page can be beneficial in numerous ways. In addition to serving as a direct line to your clients, you can collect feedback from group members and use that to modify site content and offers. 

Groups come in three formats: public, where anyone can join, private/visible, where groups show up in searches but members need approval to join, and private/hidden, which can’s be searched on by non-members. 

Using Precision For Your Facebook Marketing Needs

Integrating Facebook into your marketing campaign can be beneficial for your business. With millions of people logging on every day, there are countless opportunities to reach them with your ad content. When it comes to creating high-quality and effective digital marketing content, no one does it better than us. Contact us today to take care of all your Facebook marketing needs.

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