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Social media has become an integral part of marketing campaigns for many companies. It can be an exciting way to display your products across a variety of platforms and allows you to reach a wide audience based on your content. One of the most popular social media sites for marketing is Instagram. There are a variety of reasons for this: with over 500 million active users on the site a day, there are tons of potential customers willing to see what you have available. But successfully running an Instagram campaign takes more than simply putting up pictures. There are elements that should be considered to convince people to subscribe to your page.

Instagram Marketing Benefits

No matter what size your business is, incorporating Instagram offers numerous benefits. One of the biggest is that it increases awareness of your brand. Thanks to the picture-heavy nature of the site, you have the ability to create familiarity with your brand, and leave an impression on your potential customers. The more images you put up, the higher the relationship between you and your followers becomes. It also can lead to an increase in site traffic and SEO rankings. When a business has a strong social presence, surveys show that approximately 80% of these companies report higher web traffic overall.

Another benefit is that there is a level of power with Instagram when it comes to purchases. More than a third of the site’s users have purchased something after seeing it on the site. Plus, 75% of users typically visit a website for more information after seeing a post. Finally, the nature of the site catering more towards photo and video means that there is a better chance of customers remembering and engaging with your brand compared to simply using text.

What Separates Instagram for Business

On the surface, there is a lot of similarity between someone’s personal Instagram account and their business one. In each version, you have the ability to post images, as well as interact with users by commenting, liking, and sharing. However, there are several key differences involving the business side. For example, you can advertise your goods and services directly through your posts. These can be done through photos, where a Sponsored label appears above an image, videos, or a carousel with multiple images to scan through. You also have the ability to give customers a chance to buy products through your posts. 

How an External Company Can Help

Once you decide to start an Instagram for your company, you may want to consider having an outside firm handle posting duties. It’s not necessarily a one size fits all situation; you’re needs may vary based on a number of factors. There are things you can take into consideration before hiring an agency to handle your posts. First, you want a firm that works to understand their clients. In particular, they indicate the unique features of your brand and tailor content that highlights what separates you from other businesses. 

You also want a company that monitors your posts and optimizes as needed to ensure the best possible results. This means looking at reach, engagement, and total traffic, among other elements. Finally, you want a firm that gives you quality communication throughout the life of your campaign. When you select a quality agency to handle your Instagram posts, they will give you information regarding metrics, performance, and impacts of your campaign on your budget. You should also be able to reach out to them easily if there are any questions you have.

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As Instagram continues to grow in popularity, it becomes more important to incorporate it as part of your marketing strategy. Running a campaign successfully is more than putting up an image. If you need help getting your feed to run correctly, our team is ready to help. We have years of experience in social media marketing and know how to give you the best possible return on your investment. Call us today to learn more.

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