Using LinkedIn for Marketing

When people think of social media networks, LinkedIn is usually at the top of the list. Its reach is tremendous; over 700 million people around the world have an account on the site. This means there are numerous opportunities to promote yourself as well as your brand. Whether it’s establishing connections with others in your industry or generating leads, you can use LinkedIn to your advantage. Much like marketing on any other social media platform, how your set up campaigns and how you set up your posts are important in how successful your strategy is.

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Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers businesses many benefits for setting up a marketing campaign. To start, it’s a great way to build relationships with other countries. This can be done through sharing content and interacting with professionals in your field. You can also enhance the reputation of your brand by presenting yourself as an opinion leader in your industry. 

These benefits can lead to increased marketing success for your company. The numbers back this up; 45% of marketers say using LinkedIn has helped them improve their ability to acquire new customers. In addition, there is a over 200% increase in the ability to generate leads when compared to Facebook. LinkedIn campaigns are responsible for 80% of business-to-business leads, and it accounts for nearly half of the social traffic that comes to B2B sites.

What Makes a Good LinkedIn Marketing Campaign?

The steps in making sure your LinkedIn marketing strategy is successful may sound familiar to other social sites. You want a profile that is relevant to your brand. This means using images that best represent your business and filling out all profile information. The profile also gives you a chance to indicate if you have positions available as well as provide a list of who works for you and their demographic data.

What separates posting on LinkedIn compared to other sites is the types of content you can post. For sites like Twitter and Facebook, having posts that are only text isn’t viewed as a favorable option as including photos and videos can better increase engagement. For LinkedIn, the inverse of this is true. Text posts, especially those that pose questions to be answered by followers, can stand out in a feed that is mostly article links. Articles can be beneficial, however, if it’s paired with a solid caption. Other types of content that can be used include resources available on your site, case studies, event coverage, or highlights of achievements made by your employees.

Tips to Consider

There are other elements that should be considered when coming up with ideas for posts. For example, you want content that gives your audience a sense of value. Whether it’s education, information, or entertainment, you want posts that will make viewers more likely to engage with you and build a connection. Personalized InMail can also be used if you have an individual Premium account, and can be used to connect with influential people as well as promote your products and services.

Another tip is to vary the lengths of what you post. Both short posts and long-form stories can be used to keep your content fresh and relevant. You also want to have a consistent schedule of posts, particularly one that centers on the days and times when you can have the best chances for engagement.

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Setting up a marketing campaign on LinkedIn offers many benefits, and can be integral in building your brand. If you’re stuck on how to start your strategy, let our agency help. We have experience creating successful campaigns for companies of various sizes. Contact us today to learn the ways we can help you.

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