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With businesses taking more of their operations online, it becomes important to ensure you have a quality search engine optimization plan. Not only is it a great way to market your company, but as search engines continue to modify their algorithms, having a solid SEO plan can help you improve your overall ranking. There are two distinct forms of SEO: on-page and off-page. While they are vastly different, both play a key role in maintaining a successful SEO strategy.

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On-Page SEO

As you would expect, on-page SEO covers the optimization of various elements of your website. These can include the typical tactics that search engine optimization covers: including keywords in a page’s title and ad copy, optimizing meta descriptions, and employing alt tags. There are specific factors that go into where your site is ranked. The biggest of these is content. While quality keywords and meta descriptions can be beneficial, if your website doesn’t have solid content that will engage with your audience, it doesn’t matter. You want to make sure there is relevant information for potential users and that it is compelling enough that they want to come back to your site.

Another factor that you may not have considered is how the URL of your website is designed. Your URL should include keywords that accurately indicate the page it’s linking to. They should also be short while still using the primary keyword for that page. Finally, you want to have links to other pages on your site. By linking internally, it’s easier for search engines to crawl everything your website has.

Off-Page SEO

While on-page SEO covers the factors you control on your website, off-page SEO is the opposite. This primarily covers how others get to your website. One of the biggest contributors to your off-page SEO score is backlinks. These are links to your website from other pages and serve as a vote of confidence for your domain. The more backlinks you have, the higher your overall SEO ranking will be. Backlinks can be natural, where your brand is mentioned organically, or built, where you reach out to others to get your link mentioned.

Social media posts can also be used to boost your ranking. As you share content that directs traffic to your site, search engines use this as proof you’re gaining traffic from diverse sources and that people are visiting your page for high-quality content. Local SEO sites, such as Google My Business or Yelp, can also be beneficial. You can take advantage of this by asking customers to leave reviews of your business on these sites, and making sure your contact information is updated and consistent.

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