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For business owners looking to build awareness of your company, having testimonials can be a great method. A recent study shows that displaying reviews of a business on their site can increase conversion rates by 270%. This means that having a positive presence online can do wonders for your business in terms of performance as well as perception. This is where having review management services come in. Before understanding how hiring an agency to handle review management can benefit your business, it is important to understand what it consists of.

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What is Online Review Management?

To start, online review management is when businesses analyze, monitor, and respond to reviews that come from review sites. Many review sites are ones that are familiar to internet users, such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Trip Advisor. These sites are found in numerous fields, from healthcare to travel. Reviews can play a major role in determining if someone will use a business. Reports show that 89% of customers will read a review before taking action on a product or service. In addition, 94% say they have decided against using a business based on negative reviews.

Benefits of Review Management

With businesses doing more to build their online presence, it becomes increasingly important to ensure their online reputation is maintained. Having software that can track customer feedback comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Higher credibility. Customers prefer to do business with companies they can trust. A negative comment can be shared online faster than a positive one. Getting ahead of that negative feedback can prevent major damage to your brand.
  • Increase in sales. Along with higher levels of trust, positive reviews can increase your ranking on search engines, making it easier to find online. This gives customers more of a chance to engage with you, increasing business. A company with more positive reviews typically sees more customers on its site.
  • Enhance brand image. On the chance that you do receive a negative review, how you respond can impact your company’s image. If you are able to react to feedback and show a willingness to make a user’s experience better, it can lead to a positive brand image overall.

We offer tools that use text messaging and email to generate reviews. These can help you receive feedback from customers faster and easier, and provide a more effective way to track your online reputation.

How Should You Respond?

Once you start to have reviews come in for your business, there are actions that you should take to keep track of your feedback. The first of these action items is to respond to reviews, both positive and negative. From a negative review standpoint, responding quickly and correctly can improve the situation and give a reason to that customer to try you again.

You may also want to ask your customers directly for reviews. This can be done through email, SMS service, landing pages on your website, or through other methods. No matter the option you choose, you want to keep the surveys simple and easy for the customer to complete. With our review management software, the survey process is straightforward and designed to make it easy for you to interact with your reviewers.

Adding Reviews on Your Site

Another action step to consider is adding reviews from your customers directly to your website. As more and more companies look to add reviews to their sites, providers have multiple ways to utilize these reviews in ways that increase their presence. For example, a review can be added to a blog post that highlights a specific product or service. Adding feedback to these can indicate to the customer that the company has experience in being successful in certain areas. Feedback can also be added directly to the homepage via a plugin that displays it directly to a web page. This can provide instant credibility when a potential customer first clicks on a website.

Many of the benefits that come from having reviews on a business’ web page are obvious, such as the potential for increased traffic as customers note positive feedback on work the company has done, as well as showing credibility with your services. There are other advantages from these reviews as well. To start, they can provide a direct line between you and your customers. You have the ability to reinforce positive reviews with thanks, and quickly remedy any negative feedback.

Having a dedicated webpage on your site that’s only for reviews can also be useful. These pages can be similar to a case study or a testimonial page and can allow for customers to directly leave ratings or reviews. A page like this can mean that a business will have to work to maintain high ratings, to prevent the possibility of seeing multiple lesser reviews. We work with you to decide the best way to incorporate reviews into your site, allowing feedback on your work to be displayed prominently.

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Feedback is a primary driver in how customers choose a product or business to work with. Every review should be viewed as an opportunity to react to your customers and can be beneficial in attracting new ones. Knowing how to manage your reviews is beneficial to your business. We have a team experienced in review management and are ready to assist with helping you implement the tools needed for success. Call us today to learn more.

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