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When it comes to building a website, you may not think of where it will be hosted as something that should be considered. However, how it’s hosted can be a huge benefit for your business. By choosing the right hosting services for your needs, you can increase your overall SEO as well as total sales. There are multiple options available for hosting a website that you can do yourself. However, it’s far better to trust a reliable hosting company to handle it for you. This is especially true for those that don’t have the time or technical experience to handle work all the details of running a website.

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What is Managed Hosting?

Before signing up for hosting services, you may wonder what separates it from doing the hosting yourself. As a whole, managed WordPress hosting is a service that offers features and support designed to help a site run as efficiently as possible. There are typically three kinds of services available. Shared hosting is usually selected by people that are just starting out and building their first website. Shared hosting, such as through GoDaddy, Bluehost, or Hostgator, is a lower-cost option compared to other types, however, there are downsides to using it. For starters, your site is hosted with numerous others, so if an issue affects their website, yours is likely to experience it as well. In addition, the rate you were promised may have hidden fees included, making it not as low-cost as you may think.

The second hosting type is do-it-yourself, or VPS hosting. It is used primarily by people with experience with WordPress. This plan has drawbacks as well as if you make a mistake with setting a site up, it could lead to major problems. The third and final type is managed hosting, which is used by small and medium-sized businesses, plus high-traffic blog sites. While it is more expensive when compared to other options, the level of services provided makes it worth the investment.

Why Use a Hosting Company?

It can be easy to overlook running your website, especially if you’re busy working on other elements of your business. This is where having a hosting company can help. When you trust a managed WordPress host to maintain your site, you know you’re getting support from people that understand the platform and are able to answer the questions you have. They will help you best understand how to have your site set up for optimal performance, and accurately diagnose any issues that come up.

Time and Money Savings

Another key benefit to working with a managed WordPress provider is the amount of savings you get in both time and money. From a time standpoint, you have the ability to create permanent templates with themes and settings already configured and ready when you want to start a new project. You can also be able to use one-click login where you can create secure, extended keywords and not need to remember them. 

It may seem weird to consider the most expensive hosting choice a money-saver, but there are numerous ways that managed hosting can help ease select costs. These include finding and correcting hosting errors, setting up databases, and testing changes before they go live.

Importance of Security

When you set up a site or shop through WordPress, you expect that it will be secure and that data will be protected. However, shared and DIY hosts don’t offer the levels of protection that managed services do. When you decide to go with a managed provider, there are features to look for. For example, you want a service that offers SSL encryption as well as protection from hacking and malware. In addition, it’s important to have the ability to backup automatically. This lets you quickly restore items in case of an outage or damage. Finally, look for built-in login protection.

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