More than Networking

You may be familiar with how powerful LinkedIn is as a networking tool. There are nearly 700 million people that currently use the site. It is useful for connecting with people within your industry for information and advice. However, it can also be a great way to market yourself as well as your brand. When set up correctly, LinkedIn Ads can help you reach clients directly and potentially generate leads.

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How LinkedIn Ads Work

At its core, LinkedIn Ads are structured similarly to other platforms. Once you set up Ad Manager, you choose an objective and target audience you want to reach, then select format and budget. The biggest difference that sets it apart is the type of ads you can choose from. The primary selection is sponsored content ads, which look like typical posts on the site. These ads appear to be promoted directly from your company’s feed. You can also choose basic text ads, which look similar to those you would find on Google or Bing.

One of the different types of ads available is Sponsored InMail. These are messages that go directly into a user’s inbox, based on how you set up the user list you want to use for contacts. The type of content you can use is entirely up to you; it can include special offers or requests to join events. You can also use dynamic ads to personalize your ad content. These can be job postings, information on your own page, or ads that spotlight a specific product or service available on your website.

What Makes a Great Ad

Once you know how to structure your LinkedIn ad, the next step is determining what the content itself will be. The site itself has defined criteria for what goes into a solid ad campaign. The first step is to establish a target audience. This can be defined using a number of variables, including demographics, job experience, education, and interests. You also want to ensure that your ad has a clear call to action that matches your objective. In many cases, this can feature a text button at the bottom of your ad.

Of course, you want to have the best content available for your ad. However, what that consists of depends on the type of ad you want. For example, if you want sponsored content, you should make sure that you repurpose items you already have, like blogs and images. You can also add insights from your brand to help build a further connection between you and your audience. For text ads, while images are optional, they can be included for better results.

Using Optimization

Much like other ad sources, how you optimize LinkedIn ads can be beneficial to your campaign in the long term. This can include split or A/B testing, where you try different combinations of text and images to find what gets the best engagement. Other options include modifying your landing page and call to action or reaching out to people that leave contact information personally instead of auto-responding to see if they can be converted to being a customer. There are multiple ways available to you to maximize conversions and engagement, and these can be done throughout the lifespan of your campaign.

Call Precision to Create Your LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a fantastic site to network with other people. By setting up an ad campaign using LinkedIn Ads, you have the ability to take many of these users and convert them into leads and potential customers. If you need help setting up a campaign, we’re here. We can create high-quality and effective online ads for your business. Contact us today for more information.

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